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  • Wireless Carriers in the US
    Cellular carriers who operate their own network listed alphabetically.

  • Local Reviews Based on Your Location
    Reviews of how each wireless carrier performs within certain states and regions.

  • Our Wireless News & Arguments Page
    Wireless stories and discussion that isn't available elsewhere.

  • Ratings of the Wireless Carriers
    Collected reports from users in the field and input from various sources to assign a numeric value to each wireless carrier in comparison to all other carriers.

  • Cellular Carrier Archives
    If you can't find a specific carrier, check this list to see if it might have gone out of business, changed its name or has been acquired by another company.

  • Prefer Prepaid?
    We also track and review the best of the prepaid carriers.  You can choose from Prepaid from the major carriers, from secondary carriers, based on a specific wireless network, and the cheapest Prepaids available.
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