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The Mountain Wireless Cellular Networks:

The top site for Cellular Network Ratings and Reviews. We keep tabs on every cellular network in the US, especially the smaller, local carriers, and how well they stack up against each other.  Also, we track those wireless carriers that may have changed their name or gave up the business.
Find Your Best Prepaid Wireless Service: Reviews, Ratings and Tools.  Prepaid Reviews are separated into Prepaid from the major carriers and Prepaid from carriers not affiliated with the major carriers.  You can choose your network, then choose a carrier that uses that the lowest price.  Even FREE!  We rate the Prepaids and explain the differences among them.
5G Wireless
How and where to get 5G Wireless. Discussion about 5G wireless with a focus on using 5G to replace your internet access at home or your small business to take advantage of faster speeds and lower cost. If it's not yet available in your neighborhood, how to get wireless high-speed Internet today. You may be able to dump cable, or cut the cord, and still have the fastest broadband available. How fast is it and how do the carriers compare with their specific 5G products.
We host hundreds of additional pages spread over a dozen web sites each dedicated to a different aspect of wireless and cellular services, operated by the Mountain Wireless Network.
Our Discussion Page for News, Rumors and Arguments about Wireless.  It's where we keep track of all the wireless providers, their latest changes and verify their outrageous claims.  We have updates on wireless companies that either take over another carrier, or give up their cellular service altogether.

Mountain Wireless Reviews:
  • Wireless Carriers in the US
    Cellular carriers who operate their own network, listed alphabetically. There are dozens, not 4...uh 3.

  • Cellular Carrier Archives
    If you can't find a specific carrier, check this list to see if it might have gone out of business, changed its name or has been acquired by another company.

  • Local Reviews
    A look at how each carrier performs at the local level. In some areas of the country, local wireless providers offer better coverage and service than the national carriers.

  • Ratings of the Wireless Carriers
    Collected reports from users in the field and input from various sources to assign a numeric value to each wireless carrier in comparison to all other carriers.

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