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Dish Wireless has built a nationwide all-5G wireless network. They operate as Boost Infinite, Boost Mobile, Gen Mobile, and Ting Mobile. Dish is aiming to operate a fourth competitive nationwide wireless network with these associated carriers using Dish 5G cell sites and roaming on AT&T and T-Mobile when necessary. Listed alphabetically.

Boost Mobile
Boost Infinite
Boost Infinite is the "Home" network for Dish Wireless. This is the new all-5G network that is operating in most US markets, and by FCC mandate must serve a certain percentage of the country in the near future. Boost gets good ratings due to its included roaming agreements that give it substantial nationwide coverage. Boost Infinite offers competitive postpaid plans and some phone deals.

Boost Infinite Review

Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile is the primary Prepaid service of Dish Wireless. Newer Boost phones use the Dish Wireless 5G network first, and then AT&T and T-Mobile as roaming partners to achieve national coverage. Boost has inexpensive plans and deals.

Boost Mobile Review

Gen Mobile
Gen Mobile
Dish has acquired Gen Mobile, one of the top bargain-priced prepaid wireless companies in the US, with plans starting as low as $10 per month. Dish is supporting existing Gen Mobile accounts and is expected to use the new Dish Wireless 5G network, and T-Mobile or AT&T as their roaming partners.

Republic Wireless
Republic Wireless
Republic Wireless is transitioning all its customers to Boost Mobile.

Ting Mobile
Ting Mobile
Dish operates Ting Mobile and is maintaining existing Ting Mobile customers with coverage as good as or better than before. New Ting customers use the same network as Boost Mobile and may eventually will be transferred to Boost Mobile or the new Dish Wireless 5G network and associated roaming partners. Existing Ting customers will keep their current coverage which will only change with an upgrade to a new Ting or Boost Mobile phone.

Ting Mobile Review

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