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Smaller Prepaids
Smaller Prepaids:
These prepaid services are listed alphabetically with brief details and links. They're listed separately because they either don't provide services better than the major or non-major prepaids, or because they focus on a limited or specialty subscriber base. We call them "smaller"
based on their subscriber numbers. Some have very low prices.

About Our Reviews: These reviews are based on multiple sources including data from the wireless carriers themselves. We include opinion from our wireless experts to further distinguish among prepaid services, for which we receive no compensation.  Because we have an affiliate relationship with almost all of these carriers, we have no reason to favor one over another and if you make a purchase, we may receive a commission.

Prepaid Ratings
The New Prepaid Landscape:
The largest Prepaid supplier in the US, America Movil, operator of the TracFone-related Prepaids, sold all of their US Prepaid brands to Verizon Wireless. We expect changes to most if not all of the TracFone Prepaids. With so many Prepaid brands under Verizon ownership, we will assume these changes will also affect Prepaids that use Verizon's network but aren't owned by Verizon, and we expect the rise of other Prepaid services that either exist now or will be created in the near future. Our Prepaid 'Reviews', which are really Prepaid Reports, follow the evolution of these Prepaids that rise or fall, and which ones are deserving of our business.

In addition to Prepaid carrier changes, some carriers that are not owned by the major wireless companies are now offering postpaid plans, blurring the line between Prepaid and the other carriers.

Find Your Favorite Prepaid
Can't Find Your Favorite Prepaid?
Our detailed Prepaid reviews are limited to the most popular Prepaids. You might find the Prepaid you're looking for on our list of the Smaller Prepaid Carriers.  Maybe the carrier you're looking for you'll find it on our list of carriers that operate their own networks, some of which have seperate Prepaid plans.

Prepaid 5G
Prepaid 5G Wireless
How and where to get Prepaid 5G Wireless. What kind of 5G wireless plans and phones are available in your neighborhood. You don't need to overpay for 5G wireless but you do need a compatable 5G device to get 5G download speeds.

Prepaid Ratings
Prepaid Ratings:
We have given each Prepaid we review a rating based on a "star" system. 4 stars is the best you can get. Our ratings are based on capabilities, price, roaming abilities, and our experience with their customer service. Our 4 Star prepaid carriers include Page Plus, Simple Mobile, Straight Talk and Consumer Cellular. Use our ratings as a tie breaker when your choices are close. Ratings are shown next to our reviews.

Prepaid Finder
Prepaid Finder:
If you are looking for a Prepaid that uses a specific network, use this list.  For example, if you want a Prepaid phone that uses the AT&T Network, consult the list of Prepaid carriers that use AT&T.  Also, you can check the list of Prepaids that use more than one network. Find prices and reviews for each Prepaid by clicking on their name.

Prepaid Coverage Maps
Prepaid Coverage Maps:
In addition to maps that show general coverage for Prepaids that use the same network, we also have specific pages showing coverage for the most popular prepaids.  Visit the Cellular Maps List and look for your favorite carrier, or check the Prepaid Maps page.

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