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Our Rating:
(2 Out of 4 Stars)
Operated by: Independent
Network: Sprint Only.
Tello has risen among the prepaid carriers as a low-price leader. Their plans start as low as $5 and plans with data can be less than $10.  While they encourage you to bring your own phone, there is a limit of the type of phones that are compatible.  It includes all Sprint phones and any unlocked model that can be used on Sprint's network.  They offer Pay As You Go rates and calls to Canada and Mexico are included.
Check for Tello's Current Promotions

 Our Rating:
(1 Out of 4 Stars)

 Independently Operated
 Network: Sprint or Wi-Fi
TextNow has earned its way into our reviews by their brazen offer: FREE service!  What's the catch? Their free and cheapest plans use VoIP and ocassionally shows ads on your screen.  You do need to be within range of Wi-Fi but you get an assigned phone number, voice mail, and affordable international calling.  You get a 30-day trial and you can eliminate the ads for $3/mo.

T-Mobile Prepaid
■ Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)

Operated by T-Mobile
Network: T-Mobile Only
T-Mobile has been a good value for Prepaid. Their 30-day plans with Data start at $40/month. Their cheapest Talk & Text plan at $3 per month allows you to go over your monthly allotment at the same rate if you sign up for "auto-pay." T-Mobile Prepaid allows you to roam off their own network (except Data) without additional charges, and will also roam in Canada, Mexico and over 200 foreign countries. Roaming in Canada and Mexico can be included in your prepaid plan including Data. Foreign roaming charges may be quite pricey but they offer Wi-Fi Calling that enables you to make Voice calls through Wi-Fi in any country at the same rate as local calls in the US. Since T-Mobile is now offering 'No Contract' rates for their normal plans, you need to hunt to find their actual pay-as-you-go plans. Also, if you have an Unlocked or existing T-Mobile GSM phone you can just activate a new T-Mobile SIM and try it out.

Total Wireless
Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)

■ Operated by America Movil
■ Network: Verizon Wireless and some roaming partners.
Total Wireless was created to be sold with limited retail distribution but is available online. Coverage is limited to the Verizon Wireless network and not their roaming partners. You can get Unlimited Talk & Text plans starting at $25 and a large amount of Data for about $10 more. Total Wireless is supported by America Movil and, like all America Movil  products, sales tax and local fees are added. If you live and travel within Verizon's wireless network, Total Wireless can be a good value if you. Total Wireless will be acquired by Verizon Wireless, closing in mid-2021.
Total Wireless is Available Online!

■ Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)

Operated by America Movil
Network: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and others.
TracFone is the largest prepaid cellular company in the US and arrange for their phones to use whichever wireless carrier is available in a given geographic area. As a result, TracFone actually has more included roaming coverage available than perhaps any other single company, especially prepaid. Their price points start below $9 a month and offer all the advantages of prepaid services. They feature monthly plans and offer promotions with bonus minutes, and plans with 365-day expiration. You are limited to only the phones they sell and they only offer a few models.

They offer the option of having the charges deducted from your credit card or checking account automatically, eliminating the need to renew an exact expiration date. TracFone offers Free international calls to about 60 countries by calling a special access number, and with their International Neighbors features, they can provide a local number in Mexico or Canada for incoming calls from those countries at local rates for both callers. Tracfone's customer service is fairly easy to access, however, their agents have a wide variety of experience. It may take multiple calls to solve a problem. TracFone, like all America Movil companies, charges local sales tax.
TracFone will be acquired by Verizon Wireless, closing in mid-2021. After that time, Net10 subscribers who are not using the Verizon network will transition to the Verizon Wireless infrastructure.

U.S. Cellular
Our Rating:
(1 out of 4 Stars)

Operated by: US Cellular
Network: US Cellular and Others
US Cellular, the 5th larger wireless carrier in the US, operates one of our preferred wireless services, but their prepaid plans have some limitations. While Talk and Text is available nationwide, Data is limited to only their own network. They currently offer only monthly prepaid plans instead of pay-as-you-go. US Cellular Prepaid is a good choice if you live in an area where US Cellular is the only service available.

Verizon Wireless
■ Our Rating:
(2 Out of 4 Stars)
Operated by Verizon Wireless
Network: Verizon and some Roaming partners
Verizon has several different levels of Prepaid plans including a competitive monthly Unlimited plan. For pay-as-you-go plans, on days you don't use your phone, you don't pay. Your number of features determines the rate you pay on those days you use the phone, including different types of Unlimited features and minutes. You also get access to most of Verizon's unique features, like VZ Navigator. Roaming off the Verizon network incurs additional roaming charges. Fortunately, Verizon's network is extensive. There is a limited number of phone models that Verizon will allow current customers to convert to Prepaid.

Verizon Wireless has agreed to acquire all of the US Prepaid brands of America Movil, better known as the TracFone-related Prepaids. This will create a number of changes in the Prepaid landscape that will affect Verizon Prepaid, the TracFone networks as well as many other prepaid services.

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